An Open Letter To My Friends Who Hate The Dallas Cowboys

I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life. I was born in Texas in 1987. I lived there until I was 9 years old. In that span they won three Super Bowls. My childhood was awesome. Then I moved to Indiana. I quickly learned that you either LOVE the Cowboys or you HATE the Cowboys. Pretty much everyone in Indiana hated the Cowboys. That didn't sway me though. I stayed true to my team even though they never returned to their glory days. At the same time, the Indianapolis Colts developed into an NFL powerhouse team. Peyton Manning and the Colts won a couple of AFC championships and a Superbowl while I lived in Indiana. The Colts grew on me over time. They became my "other" team. But no matter what, the Cowboys were always my favorite team.

I moved to Ohio after college. The one constant between Ohio and Indiana is that pretty much everyone in Ohio hates the Cowboys too. The difference is that people in Ohio take football WAY more seriously than their neighbors to the west. The other difference is that Ohio's main professional sports team is none other than THE Ohio State Buckeyes. I'll be honest, I've grown to become a Buckeyes fan myself since living here. I mean, they won the national championship with their 3rd string quarterback. Come on, what's not to love about that? With that said, I've never lost my passion for the Cowboys. They are still my favorite team, college or pro.

A couple of weeks ago the NFL draft happened. The Cowboys picked Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State in the first round. Then they picked Jaylon Smith (Fort Wayne, Indiana native) in the second round. I was pretty excited about both picks and not only because they are outstanding athletes who have unreal potential. I was also excited about them because I'm hoping that my friends in Ohio and Indiana will turn from their wicked ways and embrace the Dallas Cowboys as their team too. I'm hoping that they will realize that it's possible to like the Colts, the Buckeyes, the Bengals ... or even the Browns, and LOVE the Cowboys as well. After all, we are all Americans and the Cowboys are America's team.

So what do you say, friends? Let's put all of this Cowboys hate behind us. Let's order our Ezekiel Elliot and Jaylon Smith jerseys, and let's cheer for the Super Bowl 51 champion Dallas Cowboys together.