Church Plant Update: September 2016

Hey friends and family, I've got A LOT of exciting information to share with you about our church plant this month. It's crazy to think about how much has happened since my August update. Here's what you need to know.

1. We have a name!

We have officially landed on the name of our church plant: Pine Hills City Church. As a church plant of Pine Hills, we found it incredibly valuable to keep that part of our name. Pine Hills has a ton of credibility in Fort Wayne, and specifically within the community where we are planting. What I loved about this process was that the leadership of Pine Hills didn't tell us we had to use Pine Hills in the name. They actually asked us if it would be beneficial for us to keep it. They were incredibly open-handed about it, just like they have been with every part of this process. For me, it was a no-brainer. Also, in regards to the second half of our name, the city is simply the most accurate description of where we are planting our church. We will be right in the heart of the city, just south of downtown in the "07." So Pine Hills City Church is our official name. Boom!

2. We have a launch team.

We are about half-way through our 12 weeks of launch team training. We currently have 55 adults and about 20 kids on the team. My prayer was that we would grow the launch team to 50 people by the end of the 12 weeks of training. We reached that number by week 3! God continues to do far more than I could ask or imagine. The quality of leadership of each person on the team is also outstanding. It's really amazing to see God working through this group of people and uniting us together around a vision to see the city of Fort Wayne completely transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

3. We don't have a location ... yet.

We have been working on finding a physical location for our church plant to meet in for the last couple of months. This has been quite a challenge for us, but we are trusting that God knows exactly where he wants us to go and that he will make it clear in his timing. There are a couple of potential locations that are on the table right now, but we are still exploring those options. We are launching the church on November 13, so we hope to have the location nailed down ASAP. This is something we would love for you to pray about!

4. We're having a baby shower ... for the church.

That's right, a baby shower. It's a baby church, so we are throwing a baby shower. There are lots of things we need to purchase in order to launch the church well. Since we will be completely portable (loading in and out each week in a rented space), we have lots of gear that we'll need to buy in order pull that off. We need sound equipment. We need a trailer. We need children's ministry equipment. We need coffee makers. We need signage. We need a projector and a screen. We need cases to load all of this stuff in. Altogether our launch budget adds up to about $75,000. So we are throwing a baby shower this weekend at Pine Hills Church. We are simply asking people to give above and beyond their normal offering in order to help us raise the funds.

Here's where you come in. You can help us too. If you would like to give to the baby shower, you can do so by completing the following steps.

- Go to
- Click the "Give" button at the top, right corner of the page.
- Click "Fort Wayne - The City"
- Click "Quick Give" on the left side of the page.
- Choose "Baby Shower" in the drop-down tab.
- Complete the process from there.

Or you can write a check. Make it out to Pine Hills Church and in the memo line write "City Church - Baby Shower." You can mail a check to:

Pine Hills Church
4704 Carroll Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

There's a lot more I could share, but I'll cut it off here for now. I hope to get a few more blog posts out over the next couple of weeks with more updates to come! Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

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